About us

We are Creative Simplicity Web Studio founded in 2013 at Cheyenne, Wyoming under the Nikola Tesla Institutes of Medicine—USA and Costa Rica, Incorporated (NTIMI) through a joint venture agreement. We build outstanding, affordable, modern and effective responsive websites for small and medium size businesses in America.

Our goal is to provide business clients with a responsive website containing cutting-edge technology with either a new or rebuilt website design that is optimized for mobile phones, iPads, and tablets—not just desktop computers. Implementing this new technology on your website ensures a faster, better, user-friendly experience for your customers on every communication device known.

Adding this modern responsive website design to your present system will make your business service much more competitive by giving you the ability to communicate with present and potential customers in every time-zone and location in America.

The responsive websites we build prepare your business to communicate with the world, allow customers to purchase on-line, or pose questions directly to you while drinking their morning coffee; it represents tomorrows future today. Only 5% of American businesses use a responsive website design, and our specialty is building them.


Marija Zaric

photo The chief architect of Creative Simplicity Web Studio is Marija Zaric who not only has a Bachelor of Science (B.S.) degree in computer website design but also many years of experience working with clients all over the world. Marija remains Chief Executive of her company, Creative Simplicity, and she becomes the primary web designer and educator of our joint venture corporation Creative Simplicity Web Studio. Marija Zaric creates simple, beautiful, well-crafted and neat websites. She loves nature, tea, cookies, and cats. Her favorite saying is, “The most wasted of all days is one without laughter.”

Nicholas Bielich

photoNicholas Bielich is the Chief Executive Officer of NTIMI, a Wyoming Corporation. He is a retired educator of 30-years who went to medical school in Costa Rica and founded the Nikola Tesla Institutes of Medicine—USA and Costa Rica, Incorporated when he returned to the United States.

In the main, Nicholas is interested in the study of human and veterinary medicine, building teaching hospitals that oversee medical and veterinary specialties, modifying the philosophy of medical education with respect to student evaluation, and promoting profit-making businesses to create jobs for the 1,000,000 American Military Veterans who are out of work in our country.

Further, for constructing your responsive website, NTIMI can receive on-line payments of costs and fees directly through its PayPal Account. Finally, NTIMI pays all corporate taxes in the USA; we are not a charity.

Joint Venture 2013